Vegan Siew Pau


Water dough 水皮:
High Protein Flour 高筋面粉 – 140g
Low Protein Flour 低筋面粉 – 60g
Olive Oil Spread 橄榄面包油 – 60g
Sugar – 40g
Water – 100g

Oil Dough 油皮:
Plain Flour 普通面粉 – 160g
Shortening 白油 – 100g

1. Water dough: Mix flour, sugar and oil  to form “bread crumbs” like mixture.  Add in water, and knead to form a smooth dough.
 2.Oil dough: Use cut and press method to make the dough.
      3. Rest both dough for 30 minutes. 休面30分钟。 
      4. Divide both doughs into 15 equal portions, water dough about 
        25g each, oil dough about 15g each.  Shape into balls.
      把两种皮料分次15个同等份, 水皮约25g,油皮约15g一粒,
5. Wrap each oil dough with water dough, shape into balls.
6.Roll out the dough into thin sheet, roll it up.
7.Repeat step (6). 重复动作 (6).
8. Place edge facing up.  Roll into a thin round disk.  Wrap in 
    fillings.  Shape and arrange on baking tray.  Rest for 20 minutes.
9.Brush with egg + golden syrup mixture.
10. Bake at 200⁰C for about 20-25 minutes until golden brown. 

Filling 馅料:
(A) Oil 适量
      Ginger 姜蓉 适量
(B) Eryngi Mushroom (diced 切丁)杏鲍菇 – 200g
      Green Peas 青豆 – 50g
      Carrot 红萝卜 (diced 切丁) – 50g
(C) Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 素蚝油 适量
      Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油 适量
      Soy Sauce 酱油 适量
      Golden Syrup 糖浆 适量
(D) Flour 面粉 – 2 Tbsps
      Water  2 Tbsps
(E) Sesame Oil 麻油 适量
      Coriander 香菜 适量

1. Heat up some oil, add the ginger.  Stir fry for until fragrant. 
2. Add in mushrooms & carrot, stir fry until softed.  Add in  
    green peas. 加入杏鲍菇和萝卜炒至软, 加入青豆。
3. Add seasoning (C). 加入调味料 (C)
4. Thicken the filling with water + flour mixture. 

5. Lastly, mix in sesame oil and coriander. 

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