Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Black Sesame Dessert 芝麻糊

Ingredients 材料:
Rice Milk 米浆:
Brown Rice 糙米 – 20g
Millet 小米 – 25g
Water – 250g

Sesame Milk 芝麻浆:
Black Sesame 黑芝麻 – 100g
White Sesame 白芝麻 – 25g
Dried Lily Bulbs 百合 – 20g
Dried Longan 龙眼干 – 20g
Molasses 糖蜜 – to taste
Water – 1 Litre 

Method 做法:
Step 1 – Preparing Rice Milk 准备米浆
-    Wash and soak brown rice and millet together for 1 hour.
-    Discard water.  Keep the soaked rice & millet in freezer for 1 hour.
-    Blend the cold rice/millet with 250g of water to make rice milk.
-    Set aside. 静置待用。

Step 2 – Preparing Sesame Milk 准备芝麻浆
-    Soak the dried lily bulbs for 1 hour or until soften. 百合浸泡1小时至软。
-    Wash sesame seeds thoroughly under running water把芝麻用流动的水彻底洗干净。
-    Toast the black and white sesame together in a frying pan until they are fragrant and dry.
-     Blend sesame, lily bulbs and dried longan with 1 litre water. Sieve.

Step 3 – Preparing the dessert
-     In a saucepan, bring the sesame milk to a boil.  
-    Gradually stir in rice milk. Stirring constantly until you get the required consistency. You might have extra rice milk.
-     Mix in molasses, stir to melt. 加入糖蜜搅拌至溶解。
-     Serve warm. 趁热享用。 

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