Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Chinese Almond Soup 杏仁糊

Chinese Almond Sweet Soup 杏仁糊
Ingredients 材料:
Rice Milk 米浆:
Brown Rice 糙米 – 30g
Water – 50g
Almond Milk 杏仁浆:
South Apricot Kernels 南杏 – 80g
North Apricot Kernels 北杏 – 20g
White Fungus 雪耳 -20g
Dried Lily Bulb 百合 – 10g
Water – 1200g
Agave Nectar 龙舌兰蜜 适量

Method 做法:Chinese Almond Sweet Soup

Step 1 – Preparing Rice Milk 准备米浆
-      Wash and soak brown rice for 1 hour.
-      Discard water.  Keep the soaked rice in freezer for 1 hour.
-      Blend the cold rice with 50g of water to make rice milk.

Step 2 – Preparing Apricot Milk
-      Soak south & north apricot kernels, dried lily bulbs and white fungus separately overnight.
        将南,北杏, 百合和雪耳分别浸泡隔夜去水。
-      Cook white fungus for a few minutes.
-      Blend all the soaked ingredients with water in 2 batches.
-      Cook the above mixture over low-medium flame.  Gradually mix in rice milk.  Keep stirring until 

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