Pineapple Filling

It took me hours to make this pineapple filling, but only minutes to finished the whole tub of pineapple biscuit...:)

Pineapple Filling Recipe:

Pineapple (i used Josephine pineapple, cut into small pieces) - 500g
Winter Melon (cut into small pieces, cook til soft, press out excess water) - 500g
Lime Zest - 3 nos
Butter - 50g
Maltose - 50g
Castor Sugar - 50g

1. Cut the pineapple into small piece, blend in a blender together with cooked winter melon until fine.
2. Melt butter in a wok, add in maltose and castor sugar, mix well.
3. Add in pineapple and melon mixture (1) and lime zest.
4. Stir fried until the required consistency, about 25-30 minutes. The pineapple jam should look brownish, dry and non sticky.
5. Set aside to cool,  Shape into small balls.

*some put a cinnamon stick also for extra flavor.  I think lime zest is good enough for me.  You may omit lime zest to get the pure pineapple flavor.

Here is another recipe using purely pineapple only.

Pure Pineapple Filling Recipe:

Pineapple - around 750g
Castor Sugar - 60-65g
Maltose - 50g
Lime Zest - 3 nos.

Method as as above but omit the steps of cooking the winter melon.

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