Walnut Carrot Cake

(A)          Carrot (shredded) 萝卜丝                                            280g
               Brown Sugar huangt1                                                     60g
               Raisin 葡萄干                                                                    45g
               Eggs                                                                                  3 nos
               Castor Sugar 砂糖                                                         135g
               Corn Oil 玉米油                                                             150g

(B)          High Protein Flour 高筋面粉                                      110g
               Low Protein Flour 低筋面粉                                       110g
               Baking Powder 发粉                                                         4g
               Salt                                                                                   3g
               Ground Cinnamon 玉桂粉                                               4g

(C)          Walnut (toasted and chopped) 核桃                            70g

(D)          Cream Cheese 芝士                                                      140g
               Unsalted Butter 无盐奶油                                            55g
               Icing Sugar 糖粉                                                              80g
               Ground Cinnamon 玉桂粉                                             ~

               Orange Zest 橙皮                                                          ~

1. Preheat oven to 200C.  Line an 8” square tin with baking paper.
2. Sift high and low protein flour, baking powder and cinnamon powder together.
   将高筋,低筋面粉, 发粉和玉桂粉一起过筛。
3. Combine shredded carrot, brown sugar and raisin.  Set aside. 
4. Whisk egg and castor sugar until fluffy.  Gradually add in corn oil, combine well.
5. Add in ½ of the sifted flour (2) and ½ of the carrot mixture (3).  Slightly combine.
6. Add in chopped walnut, the remaining flour and carrot mixture.  Combine evenly.
7. Spread the above batter into prepared cake tin. 把面糊倒入蛋糕模里。
8. Bake at 180C for about 35-40 minutes or until cooked.  Remove cake from oven.  Allow to cool in cake tin for 10 minutes.  Remove cake from cake tin, allow to cool on wire rack
9. Topping: Beat cheese and butter until smooth.  Add in sifted icing sugar and orange zest,     continue to beat until smooth and creamy.  Spread on carrot cake.  Dust with cinnamon powder.


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