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Rice Flour 粘米粉 – 125g
Tapioca Flour 木薯粉 – 75g
Salt 适量
Boiling Blue Pea Flower Water 煮沸的蓝花水 – 200g
Oil – 20g

Filling 馅料:
(A) Glutinous Rice – 125g (soaked overnight 浸泡隔夜)
       Shredded Ginger 姜丝 适量
       Oil 适量
       Burdock Root Powder 牛蒡粉 适量
       Water 适量
(B) Dried Mushroom 干香菇 (shredded 切丝) – 3
      Shitake Mushroom 新鲜蘑菇 适量
      Sweet Pickled Radish 甜菜圃 适量
      Ginger 姜蓉 适量
      Red Dates 红枣 – 3
      Cashew Nuts 腰果  - 适量
      Oil 适量
      Coriander 香菜 适量
      Soy Sauce 酱油 适量
      Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油 适量
      Salt 适量
      Pepper 胡椒粉 适量
      Burdock Root Powder 牛蒡粉 适量
      Sesame Oil 麻油 适量
(C) Tapioca Flour 木薯粉 适量。用作手粉。

  1. Mix rice flour, tapioca flour and salt.  Pour in half of the boiling water.  Keep stirring using chopsticks. 把粘米粉,木薯粉和盐一起混合。加入一半的沸水,用筷子搅拌。
  2. Pour half of the remaining boiling water.  Continue to stir with chopsticks.  倒入一半剩下的沸水,继续用筷子搅拌。
  3. Gradually add the remaining boiling water.  Continue to stir with chopsticks to form a dough. (you might need less than the required water in this recipe or more depending on the rice flour you used)分次加入其余的沸水。继续用筷子搅拌成面团。(可能只需要比食谱少的水或多的水分因为不同的粘米粉所能吸收的水分不一样).
  4. Add the oil.  Knead the dough with hand to form a smooth dough. Cover with cling film and rest the dough for 15 minutes. 加入油。用手搓至光滑的面团。用保鲜纸包着静置15分钟。

 Filling 馅料:
  1. Heat up oil.  Saute shredded ginger until fragrant.  Add the soaked glutinous rice, stir-fry for few minutes.  Add in seasoning eg. Salt and burdock root powder.                                 烧热一些油。加入姜蓉翻炒至香。加入已浸泡隔夜的糯米,翻炒数分钟。加入盐和牛蒡粉拌匀。
  2. Place the above in a plate.  Add in water.  Steam for about 30 minutes. 把炒好了的糯米倒入盘里。加入适量的水。蒸约30分钟至熟。
  3. In a pan, heat up some oil. Saute ginger and pickled radish until fragrant.  Add in mushrooms, stir-fry until soften.  Add the remaining ingredients and seasoning.  烧热一些油,加入姜蓉和菜圃翻炒至香。加入香菇炒至软。加入其余材料和调味
  4. Off the fire, add in cooked glutinous rice.  Stir well.  Add more seasoning if required. 熄火后加入煮熟了的糯米拌匀。调味。

  1. Place few banana leaves on plate and brush the leaves with oil.  放几片香蕉叶在碟子上,刷上油。
  2. Sprinkle the mould with some tapioca flour, remove the excess flour. 把饭桃模型洒上木薯粉,倒出多余的粉。
  3. Put on gloves. Weigh 35g of dough, flatten it.  Add 2 teaspoons of filling on the flattened dough, seal it up.  Press on the floured mould.  Remove from mould.  Put the kueh on prepared plate.                                                                                              穿上手套。取出35g的面团,压扁。加入两茶匙的馅料后收口。把糕放在已放入香蕉叶的碟子上。
  4. Steam over medium heat for about 15 minutes. 以中火蒸约15分钟至熟。
  5. Remove from steamer, let cool slightly.  Brush with a thin layer of cooked oil. 取出待凉。刷上一层薄薄的油。

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