Crunchy Cream Puff

Pipe choux pastry onto baking paper lined baking tray, brush with egg wash.

Choux Pastry:

Water 水 - 100g
Unsalted Butter 无盐奶油  - 40g
Salt 盐 - 1g
Castor Sugar 砂糖 - 3g
Plain Flour 普通面粉 - 60g
Egg 蛋- 100g
1. Preheat oven to 200C. 烤箱预热至200度。
2. Pour water into a sauce pan.  Add in butter, salt and sugar. Boil the mixture over low heat.
3. Remove saucepan from fire immediate when the mixture is boiled. 
4. Stir in flour. Mix well. 加入面粉拌匀。
5. Put the sauce pan back on fire.  Heat the mixture and continue to stir until a smooth dough is formed. (about 1 minute). 
 把锅再次放回火炉上,继续搅拌成顺滑的面团 (约1分钟)
6. Remove from fire. Gradually beat in egg with a wooden spoon, beating well after each addition. (you may not need all the egg). 
 离火后分次加入蛋液,每次加入蛋后都得搅拌均匀 (你可能不需要用到所有的蛋液)
7. The dough should be very shinny and paste like and fall from spoon when lightly shaken. 
8. Pipe into long shape (13cm x 2.5cm) on baking tray (lightly buttered and floured)
     在烤盘上挤成13 x 2.5cm 的长度。
9. Brush with egg wash. 刷上蛋液。
10. Place a pc of craquelin on each choux pastry.  放一片脆饼面团.  
11. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 160C for another 15 minutes until golden brown. Please do not open the door during the whole baking process.


Butter 牛油 - 25g
Brown Sugar 黄糖  - 25g
Plain Flour 普通面粉 - 30g

1. Mix all ingredients to form a dough.  Roll into a thin sheet in between 2 plastic sheets.
2. Refrigerate.
3. Cut into small pieces.  Place each choux pastry with a pc of craquelin.

Durian Cream

Non-Dairy Whipping Cream 植物性鲜奶油 - 100g
Durian Flesh  (mashed) 榴莲肉 (压烂)- 120g

1, Whisk whipping cream until hard peak.
2. Mix in durian flesh.  Whisk until well combine.

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