Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sandwich Loaf - Glutinous Flour Tang Zhong Method


(A) Glutinous Rice Flour - 15g
       Water - 50g

(B) Water - 135g
      Brown Sugar - 35g
      Salt - 3g
      Unsalted Buter - 20g
      High Protein Flour - 300g
      Above tang zhong
      Instant Yeast - 4g

1.  Combine glutinous rice flour and water, mix well.
2.  Heat the mixture over low heat (i used double boil) until thicken, gluey and starchy.
3.  Remove from heat, wrap with cling wrap and set aside to cool.
4.  Put all ingredients (B) into bread machine follow sequence.
5.  Press function Bread-1 (I'm using Noxxa Multifunction Bread Maker)

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