Minis for Kay Lee's Full Moon Party

Simple & Nice

I made these minis for a kid's party. Trust me, kids love buttercream, all 50 pcs dissappeared in just a minute.


Anonymous said...

i need to study this course can u tell me where can i find it ?

Apple Kitchen said...

Hi, You may join my cupcake decoration class...melinda

Anonymous said...

Hi, my son is going to be celebrating his very 1st birthday this 24th Nov, but I'm thinking to celebrate on the 21st Nov.. I would like to order 100pcs. But had to be 50pcs butter cream & another 50pcs for not so fattening... any idea? Or can I order from you? How & how much? Please contact me at thanks!

Anonymous said...

Greetings! We are interested in your cupcake minis... looking at individual packing or ordering approx 50pcs to serve at our full moon party.

Could you kindly send me the full price listing?

Tq, Mal

Anonymous said...


I am keen to order your cupcakes for my baby's full moon gift packs.

Could you email me your price list, package options if any I.e does it come with red egg and ang kus? Does it allow for customization of the gift packs? And order to deliver time.


Eileen. (email: